7v7 Rules

Big Sun Adult Soccer League (BSASL) strives to ensure a safe, fun soccer experience.  Violent conduct will not be taken lightly, and we reserve the right to expel and/or ban any player/captain/fan that continuously demonstrates poor sportsmanship, violent conduct or is abusive towards others.

General Rules  

Alcohol, smoking, and use of profane language by anyone is prohibited. The minimum age for participation is eighteen years old.  Players must turn eighteen during the regular season being registered for and are not allowed to play until they actually turn eighteen.

Any player falsifying documents to alter age, name, sex, etc. will be suspended from the league without refund. The length of the suspension will be at the discretion of the BSASL board.   

Shin guards are required to be worn by every player for all matches and practices held at all Big Sun Fields.  Players are subject to a 3-strike rule with regards to shin guard use. Upon the 3rd notification to the team captain that a player isn't wearing shin guards, that player will be suspended one match.

All jewelry must be removed before playing. Taping over earrings is not allowed. The only exception is wedding bands as long as the referee deems them not to be dangerous to the player or others.

The league will not prohibit the use of knee braces by players provided that the brace is adequately covered and padded in the judgment of the referee, so as to eliminate the possibility of it causing injury to other players.

All team captains are required to be a player on the team they are registering/Captain for and agree to the Captains Agreement section of the online ELA waivers.  

Rules of Competition may be amended, repealed, added to, or new rules may be adopted by resolution of the Adult Board.  All changes must pass a board vote with a simple majority in the affirmative with a quorum present. 

7 v 7 Rules

All fines including forfeit fees, red cards and team fines will be paid for through the registration website by being added to the player and/or Captain’s profile on the registration website.    

All registration fees are non-refundable.  Any exception will be the BSASL board’s discretion. All credit card convenience fees paid through the registration website are not refundable by BSASL even if the registration fee that was paid by the player is refunded.  

Teams are required to wear matching uniforms with unique permanent numbers on the back.  Jerseys and socks must match in color.  All players on each team (except goalkeepers) are required to wear the same color shorts.  No player will be allowed on the field without a proper uniform.   Minor accents or stripes of different colors but no more than 10% of the total color will not be considered in violation. Goalkeepers are exempt from this rule but must wear a jersey and socks that are not a similar color to that of either team on the field.    

Players not in compliance with the above dress code will not be allowed to play.

If a goalkeeper comes onto the field as a player, he/she is required to wear a matching team uniform including socks as defined above.  

Valid rosters consist of ten (10) to sixteen (16) players.  In the co-ed divisions, three (3) players need to be women and the maximum number of men is nine (9).      

Co-ed division teams are allowed to have a maximum of four (4) male players on the field at any time. 

Any team playing with an illegal player will forfeit all matches in which that player played.  The team will be responsible for reimbursing the referee fees paid for any match in which the illegal player played and pay a $100 team fine.  All fines have to be paid before the team will be allowed to play again. 

Players may not play for more than one 7v7 team within the same division in a season.

Each team must have at least four (4) players, in co-ed one (1) of which must be female, present in order for a match to commence. Each team must be prepared to commence match play upon the scheduled time for the match. If either team does not have the required players present at ten minutes past the scheduled time the match will be forfeited and recorded as a 1-0 win for the team that was prepared to start the match. Failure to provide proper notice of a forfeit as defined below will result in a $35.00 fine before being eligible to play.

In the case of a double forfeit, no points will be awarded to either team.

“Just for Fun” divisions are limited to three (3) goals scored per player. 

Goalkeepers cannot punt the ball.  Goal kicks and goalkeeper throws cannot cross the centerline.  Violations result in an indirect kick awarded to the opposing team at the center line. Goalkeepers may place the ball on the ground and dribble the ball outside of the penalty area and then kick the ball past the center line. 

There is no offside rule.

No sliding or slide tackles are allowed.  Sliding is a yellow card offense.  Slide tackling is a red card offense. Goalkeepers are exempt from this rule while playing inside of the goal box and instead will be held to the usual and customary rules and regulations of the goalkeeper position. 

Bicycle and scissor kicks are not allowed and will result in a yellow card if no other player (teammate or opponent) is in the area and will otherwise result in a red card.  

Unlimited player substitutions are allowed.  All substitutions must be made at the center line of the field and during stoppage times with referee permission.

Only players on the roster are allowed on the players' bench and/or around the bench area. All non-players and fans must remain on the opposite side of the field. No individuals will be allowed behind goals.  Failure to observe this rule will result in match stoppage until the situation has been resolved.

Match Duration will consist of two halves consisting of thirty (30) minutes each plus stoppage time at the discretion of the referee.

If a referee determines that weather conditions or field conditions make a match unplayable, the match will be rescheduled if the determination is made before half-time.  If the determination occurs after half-time, the match will be considered final and complete. 

Each team captain is responsible for controlling their fans. Failure to do so can result in team sanctions which can include being fined, having points deducted, or being expelled from the league.

Referee abuse, whether verbal or physical, will not be tolerated and is grounds for expulsion from the league.

Fighting will not be tolerated and is grounds for expulsion from the league.

Teams are required to remove their trash from the bench areas after matches.  Failure to do so can result in team fines or other sanctions at Board discretion.  

As defined by the Laws of the Game with regards to fouls and misconduct, a yellow card is a caution, and a red card is a send-off offense.

A player that receives a second caution (yellow card) in a single match is a send-off. Two yellows equal red and results in a $30.00 red card fine.

Send-off offenses (red card) or (2 yellows) will automatically bring a minimum suspension of at least one match. The Board will evaluate each offense and determine the length of each suspension. Suspensions are to be served in the division the card is received.  In some instances, for red cards received for violent conduct, fighting, referee abuse, board member abuse or other offenses, the player may be suspended from all play in Big Sun Adult Soccer League regardless of which league the red card was issued from.

The team captain will be notified of any suspension prior to the team’s next match. The Board’s decision may be appealed in writing by the team captain within three days of the infraction.  The Board will rule within three days of the appeal.  This decision will be final and not subject to further appeal.

It is the sole responsibility of the team Captain to inform the player(s) of the suspension and any further Board decisions.

Players playing under suspension will receive an additional four-week suspension and that player’s team will forfeit any matches that the player has played in while suspended.  The team will also be responsible for reimbursing the referee fees paid for any match in which the illegal player played and pay a $100 team fine.  All fines have to be paid before the team will be allowed to play again.

Players ejected by send-off offense (red card), must leave the complex immediately. Failure to leave the complex could result in additional suspension.  Match play will not resume until the suspended player has left the complex.

Each send-off offense (red card) results in a $30.00 fine in addition to match suspension(s). The fine must be paid and all suspensions served before a player is deemed eligible to play.  It is the player's responsibility to resolve fines.       

Suspensions are to be served in uniform, on the players’ bench for the entirety of the match.  Suspended players must check in with the match official before the start of the match and remain until the match is concluded in order to receive credit for serving the suspension.

All conduct by persons at the Big Sun Soccer complex is reviewable and subject to discipline, including fines, by the Adult League Board.  Any person not playing on the field who charges the field in protest of a call, to engage in fighting or for any other reason without referee permission is subject to discipline by the Adult League Board, including but not limited to suspension or revocation of player eligibility.  Current and future players are subject to having their player eligibility revoked or suspended for conduct at Big Sun including before, during and after matches, as well as practices.

There will be a maximum of four goal-differential points awarded per match regardless of the actual goal differential.

Each match won is worth three points in the standings.  Each match tied is worth one point in the standings.  When teams are even on points, head-to-head will be the determining factor.  If still tied, goal differential will be the determining factor. If still tied, then most goals scored to a max of four per game.  If still tied, then least goals allowed to a max of four per game.

For competitive divisions, the end-of-season tournament will consist of the top four teams.  The first round will be first place versus fourth place and second place versus third place.  The final tournament match will be between the winners of each first round match.

If at the end of regulation play during the semis/finals of a tournament, if the scores are equal, two equal periods of 5 minutes each will be played.  If at the end of the additional periods, the scores are still equal then kicks from the penalty kicks. 

Kicks from the Penalty Mark will be done pursuant to the Kicks from The Penalty Mark Checklist with the clarifications below:   

For co-ed divisions: “reduce to equate” includes by sex. (e.g., same number of men and women).  Initial group of 5 kicks from the mark shall be taken in male, female, male, female, male order.  If needed, the 2nd round shall start female, male, female, male, female.  If needed, the 3rd round shall start male, female etc.… 

Team Captains must make prior notice if they are unable to field a team for a scheduled match.  The Captain’s Coordinator must be messaged on the Captain’s Facebook page by the preceding Wednesday at 5:00 pm for a Friday match or by the preceding Friday 5:00 pm for a Sunday match.  Failure to provide proper notice in time will result in a $35.00 fine that must be paid before being eligible to play.

Referee Notes:

Pre-match: will include the referees examining the field conditions, Team rosters, player passes/galleries, uniforms and equipment.

If there are any discrepancies or team captain contentions in regard to players, the referee will enforce the use of photo ids to ensure players identity matches the players pass and roster. The BSASL Board will have the final say to resolve any discrepancy

Post-match: will include the referees to complete the match report and submitting it to league officials, which will include:

Team names with match score and scorers (for competitive divisions)

Name of yellow or red card offenders with caution/ejection codes and a supplemental report.

Any injuries during the match.


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