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The following policies have been adopted by the Dentsville Youth Baseball League for the regular season
and league tournaments. These policies are league wide and apply to every age division within the

1. Each team will be designated “home” or “visitor” according to the official schedule provided by
the individual leagues.

2. The “home” team will occupy the 3rd base dugout.

3. The “visiting” team will have the field for warm-ups from ten minutes to five minutes prior to
game time. The “home” team will have the field for warm-ups from five minutes prior to the
game time until game time.

4. All Players and coaches must be in Dentsville approved uniforms (coaches are not required to
wear baseball pants). All Players must be in a Dentsville jersey with a number. All field players
must be in a Dentsville uniform including a hat.If team changes or alters uniform from approved
uniforms, then that team will forfeit the game unless they can get into proper uniform prior to
the start of the game. A player or coach that is not properly dressed at the start of the game will
not be allowed to participate on the field of play.

5. Players are required to stay in the dugouts except for emergencies and are not permitted to sit in
the stands during the games. This applies to players who are not currently in the game as well as
active players.

6. Coaches have the authority to remove a player from a game at any time for disciplinary
purposes. Notification must be given to the opposing coach, umpire, parents and division
commissioner as soon as possible.

7. All equipment not in use must be kept inside the dugout area during games.

8. Before the game the home team is responsible for opening the press box, putting out the bases
and turning on the lights if required. After the game the home team is responsible for putting up
the bases, turning off the lights if required and closing the press box. Each team is responsible
for cleaning up their dugout and surrounding area after the game. The League Vice President
shall warn coaches who do not carry out the above responsibilities. Upon the second warning,
the Head Coach shall be suspended from the field for one game.

9. Home team will be responsible for reporting game scores in the group me app and on team pass.

10. All Head coaches will report each night pitch counts for all pitchers in the group me app for their
divisions. Players advocate will record and send out updated spreadsheets reflecting pitch count
and rest period. All coaches must adhere to pitch counts rules. Violations will be reported to the player advocate. Penalties for violations of the pitch count rules 1st offense: Coach is issued a warning , player will receive a talking to from the players advocate and then be rested by the league for the required period with total pitch count from previous pitch count added to new pitch count :2nd offensive head coach will be suspended for one game and player will be will receive a talking with players advocate and will not be able to pitch again for a full weeks rests period. 3rd offense head coach will be removed and player will be put on mandatory rest period.

11. Only team members, designated bat boys/girls, a maximum of three coaches, and one
scorekeeper will be allowed in the dugout during games. League officials who are visiting
dugouts do not count in this number. No more than one coach (except base coaches and coach
pitcher for coaches pitch) shall be outside the dugout and must remain within two feet of the
dugout fence and within 5 feet of the dugout opening when their team.

12. When teams are changing sides, the pitch will be allowed a max of 5 pitches. When changing
pitchers during any inning the pitcher will be allowed a time of 3 mins of warm ups or the
player or coach may elect less time. This is to speed up the game process.

13. Players, coaches, fans, and umpires will use no tobacco products within 100ft of the playing field,
practice field or dugout area, or during any league sanctioned events.

14. No vulgar or abusive language by players, coaches or fans will be tolerated.

15. No alcoholic beverages will be allowed inside the park areas.

16. No unsportsmanlike behavior will be tolerated from players, coaches or fans.

17. Umpires and League Officials have the authority to have unruly fans removed from the park
area. Umpires have the authority to handle the situation as needed, including the possible
forfeiture of the game. Games forfeited by an umpire for this reason, shall not be protested.

18. Any coach or assistant coach who is ejected from a game shall submit a written report to the
league Coaches and players advocate. Failure to do so will result in immediate suspension. Any
coach or assistant coach who is ejected from a game a second time in one season will be
counseled by the Board and will accept the action deemed appropriate by the Board of

19. All leagues with six or more teams will be allotted 4 sets of awards; split division leagues get a
1st place regular season award for each league and 1st and 2nd tournament winner awards; one
division leagues get 1st and 2nd regular season awards and two sets of tournament awards. All
leagues with five teams and under will receive three sets of awards. In T-Ball all players shall
receive participation awards.

20. Overall league record (not division record) dictates seeding of tournament play. Ties involving a
trophy will be settled first by runs allowed, second will be head to head scoring differential, final
will be runs scored.

21. Parental authorization and the DYBL fan code of ethics forms must be signed by parents of ALL
team members before a player can practice with the team. These forms must be in the
possession of the coach during all practices and games. A copy of the form must be given to the
League Vice President.

22. Any policy or rule not specifically covered will be decided by the Board of Directors of the
Dentsville Youth Baseball League.

23. No umpire may be assigned to a game with a parent, child, sibling, or spouse as a player or a

24. Each coach in a league may serve on a committee chaired by the league Vice President.

25. Participants of all leagues are required to follow the National Weather Service’s guidelines for
Lightning at all league activities including practices, games, etc.

26. All coaches must submit a DYBSL Background Authorization Form and have DYBL Board of
Directors approval.

27. The Fields located at polo rd RCRC....are for use for practice and games only. No coach is allowed
to have their teams on the field without it being scheduled and the written approval of the VP
and President of the league. You are not allowed on the field in an organized manner after
scheduled times. Failure to comply the head coach will be removed.


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