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MARCH 10 - MAY 19
WOMEN'S O30 & O40

We have only a very limited number of spots remaining for Spring 2024. If you are interested, join the waitlist AND email

Registration Tips: Free agents looking to join a team, please select Individual 30+ or 40+ from the Team Name drop down menu and we will assign you to team.

Goal keepers: join our goalie sub pool!

If you would like to be placed on a team with other players registering as individuals, make that request in an email to with "team request" as the subject line.


Spring 2024


    If you DO NOT HAVE A TEAM, register using the Player Registration button and select "Individual 30+" or "Individual 40+" as the team name. We will place you on a team. Goalkeepers, please follow the "WWSL VIP" link on the left of the registration page. If you would like to be placed on a team with other players registering as individuals, make that request in an email to with "team request" as the subject line.

    If you HAVE BEEN INVITED TO A TEAM, register using the Player Registration button and select your team. (Your team name will only appear after your team organizer submits a new team request.) All players, those registering as individuals as well as those registering onto a team, pay the same player fee. Goalkeepers, please also follow the "WWSL VIP" link on the left of the registration page.

    If you are BRINGING A TEAM, your first step is to email us at with your division and team name, so that we set up your team for registration. (After your team is established, you will register as both Coach and Player.) Minimum roster is 18. You will need at least 12 paid players by February 25th to stay on the schedule as a team. If you only have a partial team, we will work with you to fill out your roster as we get closer to season start.


  • Pleasant Park
    3400 Pleasant Plains Rd.
    Apex NC 27502
Team Coaches (managers, organizers and/or captains) register using the Coach Signup Register Now button after your team is created. Registering as a coach does not place you on the roster and permit you to play. If you want to play, you must also register as a player.
If you are bringing a team to the league, please email with the team's name and division of play so that your team can be set up for registration. Once your team is set up, the team can be selected during player registration. Players who played in the Fall 2023 season who want to continue playing with the same team in the 40+ league, are exempt from the age requirements this season. Age exceptions: 2 underage players will be permitted per team. Underage players are players who will be 28 by 12/31/24 for our 30+ division and 39 on 12/31/24 for our 40+ division.
League policies, player code of conduct, and additional information are available on our website:
  • What is the refund policy?

    REFUND POLICY To request a refund from WWSL, please email our office. WWSL will provide a full refund for any players who paid for a season, but who were not rostered onto a team. Full refunds or full credit for future seasons are available for paid players if a season or division is cancelled by WWSL. Other league fee refunds will be considered on a case by case basis. The NCASA State Fee/Annual Pass will be refunded if a player has never taken the field. Once a player steps on the field, NCASA insurance is engaged. If a player has played in a game or practiced at the field, NCASA cannot provide a refund.

  • What is the policy for non-WWSL substitute players?

    Guest Players are players not on a WWSL roster who play as substitutes at the request of a team captain. WWSL allows for guest players (non-rostered players) based on the following specific criteria: Requirements • All registered teams must have a minimum of 18 full-time, paid players on the team roster before a guest player sub pool can be created. • Guest players must meet the age requirements of the division that they play for. • Guest player registration must be completed online prior to the game start such that the team captain can print a copy of the roster showing the guest as a valid player for the game. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< PROCESS • If a Team Captain does not have enough players for a given game, the captain may invite players from their sub pool. NOTE: A game is forfeit if a team does not have 7 players from their roster. • If a sub accepts the invitation to play on a specific game date, the Team Captain must direct the player to register and pay for the Game Day Fee via the WWSL registration system. • The guest player registers online for the specified team through the WWSL registration system. • Once the game fee is paid, the Team Captain must print out a Game Day Roster showing the guest player with the specific game date. • The roster must be presented to the referee before the game is played and may only be used for that specific game. • The guest player will no longer appear on the Game Day Roster after the game date.

  • What is policy for player uniforms?

    · Teams are responsible for providing their own uniforms. · We encourage players on each team to wear matching, numbered shirts or jerseys. · Numbers should be a minimum of 8 inches in height and visible on the back of the shirts. · Teams are encouraged to purchase two sets of shirts (light and dark) to manage uniform color conflicts · The home team is responsible to change jerseys in cases of color conflict between jerseys. · Trading shirts during substitutions is prohibited · Matching shorts and socks are encouraged, but are not required · Players must wear shin guards, shorts, and shoes. · No player will be allowed to play without shin guards.

  • May a team borrow players from other WWSL teams?

    YES! Our current policy is to permit this, in the interest of creating fun and competitive games. The borrowed player MUST be rostered onto another WWSL team for the current season. Currently, the borrowed player does not need to be added to the official game roster. A game is forfeited if fewer than 7 rostered players are fielded - if that happend, we hope the teams will stay and scrimmage.

  • How do I register as a guest player?

    HOW TO REGISTER AS A GUEST PLAYER: On the landing page for WWSL on TeamPass, scroll down to and select VIEW SCHEDULES. Find the day of the match and select the team you will be playing with. On the next page, scroll down to the match schedule and select REGISTER GUEST PLAYER (button on the right side of your screen) to be taken to the guest player registration page. Costs • Sub players must pay the $30 NCASA player pass fee and upload a color photo upon registration if they do not have a current, valid NCASA player pass. • A sub player will pay a Game Day Fee of $12 to WWSL prior to each game they play.


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